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Announcing GuardianUTM – unmanned air traffic control and centralised intelligence for drones and their operators.

Today, at The Commercial UAV Show in London, we are pleased to announce the official launch of GuardianUTM: our solution to the growing challenge of safely integrating drones into our skies. GuardianUTM caters for drone flights that take place today (typically under Visual Flight Rules), and crucially, lays the technical and procedural foundations for fully automated drone flights […]

UK startup solves drone safety threat on a global scale

World’s first ‘Airspace Alerts’ helps drone operators be better aerial citizens  26th May 2016, London – A UK tech startup has unveiled a groundbreaking service that will address one of the world’s most pressing concerns in aviation – drone safety. Altitude Angel is a drone cloud services company offering enhanced situational awareness information, real-time ‘air […]

UK: Prepare for the Obama “No-Drone Zone”, 21st through 24th April

From today, you can see the “RESTRICTION OF FLYING REGULATIONS – FOR THE VISIT TO LONDON AND WINDSOR BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (to use it’s formal title) live on our free Drone Safety Map. The full text of the area is covered in a special briefing document issued by NATS and […]

New map simplifies drone flying in the UK and helps keep our skies safe

20/04/16: READING, UK – Altitude Angel ( released an update today for its free online Drone Safety Map which helps drone operators fly their drone safely. The update now includes UK “no-fly zones” as well as details of over 18,000,000 ground hazards – such as schools, hospitals and power infrastructure – access to weather data […]

April Update lands; introduces UK aerodrome traffic zones and new UI

Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the April update for our free Drone Safety Map. The changes include the availability of UK aerodrome traffic zones (regions of controlled airspace around UK airports/aerodromes) as well as controlled upper airspace, and a brand-new user interface which makes it much easier to find the data you’re looking […]