Introducing Area Reports in Guardian for iOS and Android

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new feature on our mobile app, “Guardian: Fly Your Drone Safely”, available free on iOS and Android.

Area Reports now quickly summarises the area you’re looking at on the map with a coloured bar and one of three ‘risk indicators’ to give you a quick indication of whether flying your drone in a particular location is a good idea, or not!

As you scroll around the map, all over the world, Area Reports will give you a hint as to the risk level in each area. It’s a great way to quickly get a feel for the areas in which you ought to put extra care and diligence in to your flight planning.

And, at any time, if you want to know the reason for the rating of a particular area, just tap on the “Area Report” icon GuardianAreaReportIcon, in the title bar:

“High Risk” area report detail

In the example above, the area has received a ‘High Risk’ rating due to the presence of regulated airspace over White Waltham airfield, and the London CTR. Proceeding down the screen, we also check: Ground Hazards, Airports/Aerodromes, Areas of Increased Aerial Activity (such as a parachuting or gliding site) and for any reported nearby Drone Flights (using our Flight Report feature which is also built-into the apps and includes data from our developers and partners).

We also show weather conditions in the area selected, both latest observed and the forecast for the next 1 hour:


The more astute reader will also have noticed the presence of the “Report ID”, at the top of the Area Report. For our professional users, this handy little feature archives all your Area Reports (together with any flight reports you may have) in your Altitude Angel Account to help with your requirements to maintain flight records.

For developers, area reports are now also available in our API, too!



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