April Update lands; introduces UK aerodrome traffic zones and new UI

Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the April update for our free Drone Safety Map. The changes include the availability of UK aerodrome traffic zones (regions of controlled airspace around UK airports/aerodromes) as well as controlled upper airspace, and a brand-new user interface which makes it much easier to find the data you’re looking for across a variety of devices.

Here’s a great example of the controlled airspace around London’s Heathrow Airport, filtered as it applies to drone operators:

Updated map interface and access to UK aeronautical information helps make our map even more relevant to UK drone operators

Although much of this information is available in aeronautical charts and in some cases other online services, it is one of our goals to make it as easy as possible to access this data in a more digestible form, as well as to help our community of users interpret it correctly.

Our mission is to provide everyone with access to relevant information to help them plan and operate their drone flights safely, contributing to increased situational awareness.

This update makes it possible for us to deliver aeronautical and other hazard-related data direct to drone pilots (and via our developer portal, to developers and drone manufacturers) with the ‘correct’ context applied for drone operations. This matters, because not all “controlled airspace” is regulated in the same way in each country, and therefore different guidance and/or restrictions apply to individual zones.

Do keep your eyes peeled for lots more exciting updates coming imminently.

If you’re a drone manufacturer or app developer and are wondering if you can get access to all of the data (and more) that powers our map, the answer is ‘yes’… Head over to our web site and reach out to us for details.

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